This app came to being when Kyuil was talking with his dad over winter break. His dad had been running for a while now and found it very annoying that he had to manually change songs on his playlist because some songs just had vastly different tempo compared to his running speed. He wondered how nice it would be to have an app that figured out the person's running speed and only played the songs that had just the right tempo. What better way to keep the workout momentum going constantly!

In this hackathon, Kyuil and his friends Robert and Harman elaborated on this idea to make this app applicable to a variety of workouts. It only plays songs from the user's own phone, so no random bad songs! The user can easily specify the tempo by using the phone's built in accelerometer, which calculates the person's rhythm in bpm and matches it with his/her appropriate songs using the EchoNest API. The person can also just as easily tap the beat himself and generate the corresponding music that way! Neat!

This way, the phone is highly in flexible in the kind of workouts it can support, and once the user is done with particular workout, he can easily recalculate the desired bpm by the click of a button! Happy workouts!

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