I've always been fascinated by waves, so I wanted to combine two of my favorite waves. I briefly majored in Photonics engineering at CREOL at UCF. I knew that light and sound both existed on a spectrum, a span of frequencies. And although I understood the concept we would often have difficulty explaining this to the groups of school children who would periodically visit our labs.

So I wanted to build something to explain an important concept, and I thought this was the perfect solution.

My device is composed of an arduino, a microphone, and a strip of NeoPixels.

The microphone inputs to the arduino, which does a fourier transform on the data, which basically splits up the wave into an array of frequencies, the most prominent frequency being most represented by the data.

From there, I represent the lowest frequencies as a red light at the left end of the LED strip, and the highest frequencies as violet at the right end of the strip.

If you were to look at the strip when fully lit, you'd see every visible color represented (from lowest frequency to highest frequency) as they are seen in nature. (ROYGBIV)

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