Let's say Paul, John, Ringo, and George are in a music group. Unfortunately, Paul's wife gets a job in England and Ringo goes to Brazil for vacation. The band is broken up. In result, a record deal is gone and the music is lost. With Sound Squad, a remote creative collaboration app, the band is never broken up. No matter their location or schedule the band is able to play together just like they are in the studio. Sound Squad works by utilizing Bose AR, artists are able to experience hearing their band members just like they are in the studio. With our recording method, fans will get a performance like experience every time they listen to their favorite songs. Since each instrument was recorded separately fans are able to move around and hear more of one instrument as if they are in the studio. Sound Squad would also bring benefits to Capitol Records as they would be able to receive more clients and Material from around the world. Sound Squad would also benefit Bose. Since Sound Squad brings a new everyday music experience only on Bose AR devices, the demand for Bose AR devices will emerge. Also with the possibility, to record and listen any were Bose AR devices will have international potential. We have four potential goals. Our first goal is Live sessions this consist of hearing and playing with your band members in real time. Our second goal to create a library for the first AR Songs to be recorded and shared. Next, we want Capitol Records to be able to receive demos through the app. Lastly, we want bands and artist to have the possibility of recruiting. If a band needs more talent they are able to recruit Talent no matter the location.

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