As a resident of a highly automated home with Sonos, Philips Hue, and Nest installed, I wanted to be able to consolidate these products into a simple, discrete controller. This controller would have four theme settings, such as pragmatic ones like party, conversation, relaxation, and productivity or perhaps artistic ones like forest, beach, lake, and sunset. Each of these would have the temperature, lighting, and music coordinated by the remote. The multisensor by SmartThings was well suited for this task: its shape allowed it to stand on one of six sides, with four that were more prominent. These four sides could each represent one theme of the house, which the user could change with ease, and without interrupting conversations or trains of thought in the process. The remaining two sides are more suitable for adjustment, such as that of volume of the music.

My main focus for this hackathon was on the Sonos component of the controller. I wanted something clean and intuitive to use. Removing the remote from the contact base would start the music. Each of the four broader sides represent a different stream of music, and the last two are volume controls. Shaking the remote skips to the next track in the playlist. I am most proud of the subtlety and low-maintenance controls. The gestures the user has to modulate their environment are very natural and fluid.

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