Ever had the aux cord in the car and felt that pressure to decide the next song to play??--and not get ejected by everyone else in the car Ever hosted an event and found yourself being a not so good DJ Ever felt some typa way you cant explain and wanna listen to some typa music--but you have no idea what you wanna play Sound face is literally for you:)

What it does

Sound-face is designed to use face recognition to detect mood/emotion and make the best playlist based on the mood in SECONDS... SnapNowPlaylist

How we built it

Sound-face was built using the Ionic framework. It uses Azure API to perform facial recognition and image analysis. This is the combined with the Spotify API which analyses the features of songs. An algorithm was then developed to determine the best matches and combination of the songs and a mood-based playlist is suggested.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have any experience with the technologies/API's we used eg Ionic,Spotify,Azure & OAuth2

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Stayed up all night and still remained sane -Determining an algorithm to match the song's characteristics with moods

What we learned

-How to use the the technologies we set out to use -How to communicate effectively as a team -Utilizing individual strengths and understanding our own weaknesses and working on them.

What's next for Sound-face

-multi-face detection -integration with other social media platforms (user's mood can be influence ads and feeds on their timeline) -mental health aid -video mood detection-using video to detect multiple face and dynamically change/make the playlist -potential to delve into mental health

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