The idea behind this was to provide a seamless music experience to music lovers by connecting musicians to consumers through a single channel.

What it does

The two forms are built both for musicians and people interested in hosting them for events online. Both registration forms are designed to find the best match through parameters like musical interests, instruments, number of people and interaction type.

How I built it

The main app is built through a form interactive setup that generates an automatic meetup link based on the availability of the customer and the musician. Built mainly in HTML, CSS and Javascript and then hosted on JotForm with Twilio and Linkello to generate meetup links, this web based tool was designed to cater to the musical crowd who enjoy authentic creations for any occasion.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up a Twilio link and creating an autogenerator function for meetup links took far more time than expected, coupled with issues for debugging the entire setup.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a clean looking interface with interactive elements and a well functioning link to connect people based on musical interests along with generating an income stream for those who are affected by the pandemic.

What I learned

There are methods and ways to help people build income streams based on personal interests even in cases of a lockdown such that there is ample interactions among people and the world at large.

What's next for Sound Crowd

A possible mockup of an app which will be shared to others and generating some market studies to see the viability of such an application.

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