It is very important, but very difficult, to detect small water leakages, which are not clearly visible. As far as I know, current methods for detecting water leakages rely on visual impressions of leaked water or on water pressure measurements at two points. These methods are good, but not adequate.

We human beings are good at guessing water flow based on some sounds. Based on sound, we can guess whether a river stream is flowing nearby or whether someone is washing dishes. It is possible to apply this concept for detecting water leakages.

What it does

Based on some reports or pressure measurements, suppose we guessed that the underground water pipe is leaking somewhere in the ground.

We take an ultra-sensitive sound recording device, and record sounds at different points in the area suspected to have a water leakage. The point with the highest sound may be the point of water leakage.

How I built it

This will require an ultra-sensitive sound recording device, and some sound correlation analysis software.

Challenges I ran into

Making an actual device based on this idea may run into many challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This will be a very useful device for detecting water leakages.

What I learned

Machine Learning for Meaningful Lives

What's next for Sound Correlation based Water Leakage Detection

I will work on it if my time and resources permit.

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