Conversation and lyrics

What it does

Allows messaging between users using only "sound bytes": short clips from songs.

How we built it

Genius and Spotify APIs to allow searching for songs by title, artist, and lyrical content ("What's the name of that song that goes...?"). From there, a javascript front end was developed and a django backend data model adapted to fit our needs. It is currently hosted on python anywhere, with the domain name "" from

Challenges we ran into

Eventually, we reached a scale where javascript became a burden to write. Adapting and refactoring our existing front end code to accomodate new features was our biggest challenge. Learning new frameworks and APIs was also a huge challenge for us. We all started with little Django knowledge, and only a moderate amount of javascript experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Last-minute hosting allows for conversations between actual users.

What we learned

So much about Javascript internals. For example, what's the difference between

function() { ... }


() => { ...}

We've learned the hard way.

What's next for Sound Bytes

Refactoring to use a javascript frontend framework is the next step for Sound Bytes. This will aid future feature addition. Getting it hosted on a more reliable platform is also on the horizon.

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