Live concerts and musician merchandise sales from your FireTV.


Small and large musicians alike are struggling during the current COVID-19 pandemic. SoundBrowser is a FireTV platform for hosting online / from home concerts and selling merchandise directly through your TV. This app adds a new way for fans to engage with the content of local musicians while simultaneously supporting musicians through merchandise sales.

How we built it

  • Took a base FireTV application and updated to accommodate videos of live music artists
  • Added in logic to pull in merchandise information from a live API
  • Powered by Square payments to collect and make purchases of items from your television set.

Challenges we ran into

  • Merging square payments sdk into a FireTV application.
  • Integrating in-app purchases

What we learned

  • How to set up our first square application

What's next for Sound Browser

  • Integrate user accounts
  • Add musician portal for customizing purchases
  • Social media integrations


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