Maybe you would like to hear tiger roar, cat meow, the sound of winds and trees, or maybe you like to hear monsters laugh, the sound of dragon breathing fire, we have many. Just say: Alexa, ask sound box or Alexa ask sound box to play the sound of bird chirping.

What it does

Bring the sound of the nature and the outside world (fantasy or real) to your bedroom

How I built it

Collect a variety of sounds. Set it up with Alexa skill.

Challenges I ran into

Sometimes Alexa still has a hearing problem. Need to make sure instructions are as unambiguous as possible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Love the sound of hunted house.

What I learned

The new ways that Alexa skill makes small, long pauses are awesome. Also alexa skill has greatly expanded its vocabulary (the built in custom slots).

What's next for Sound Box

Add movie sound clips, maybe?

Built With

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