We saw a need for an audio controller that could optimize volume to provide a more pleasurable auditory experience. The application of this technology is that it can minimize the startling jolt of jumpscares and loud advertisements, and simultaneously raise the volume when dialogue is too low or the end user is hard of hearing.

What it does

This tool controls the volume form an audio source, mitigating sudden changes in volume and keeping volume within certain bounds. Users can select certain preset modes to amplify volume, to help those who may be hard of hearing, The everyday user would use the normalization feature, which limits changes in volume to a certain number of decibels per unit time, to prevent sudden spikes of loudness. Hard limits are also available in the form of upper and lwer bounds that keep volume within a clear but not-too-loud range.

How We built it

We mostly used Python to build the tool, while the website included CSS, JavaScript (React), and HTML. We brainstormed ideas for what our hackathon subject would be beforehand, ultimately settling on a volume control tool. All coding for this tool was done during the competition time frame.

Challenges I ran into

It wasn't easy to figure out how to collect the relevant data. Further, we ran out of time to be able to make the back end code full adapted for a user interface. Nevertheless, the code for the website and the back-end code are linked in the two GitHub repositories below. Sample audio clips are included in the Google drive linked below as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Though this project is incomplete, the coding process went smoothly! All things considered, we consider this a learning experience--and that makes it a successful hackaton.

What We learned

We learned how to collect and handle audio data from a browser, a relatively uncommon feature. Some of us were introduced to new languages and software.

What's next for Sound Bound

We plan to fine-tune the volume control tool and introduce a number of other auxiliary features.

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