We are aware of mobile interference techniques. These instruments work on this basic principle. This interference is caused by Jammer which sends Radio waves with the same frequency as Cell Phones and Camera uses. Due to these matching frequencies, interference will occur which results in mobile and camera receiving signals from base stations. Every type of Mobile Jammer will contain antennas to send radio signals to interrupt the connection between phones and base stations
Signal blockers are even used in universities, schools, government agencies, and prisons. Blocking conversation in these places cannot certainly become a distraction. On the contract, accused students cannot cheat by contacting others or outsiders. Thus, the advantages of using cell phone jammers are immense. It has become a compulsory addition to high-security areas like detention centers and prisons. It prevents illegal communication between visitors and inmates. Nowadays, it is even utilized in places like libraries and movie theatres. As a result, having a jammer can help maintain a quiet atmosphere, prevent cheating, and increase security.

What it does

We are going to verify our hypotheses about our existing knowledge of the communication theory making extensive use of Frequency Modulation and Phase Modulation techniques and implementing these learned concepts using the Analog Electronics concepts. The jammer signal which we wish to introduce to the channel where the target signal is transmitted must have the same amplitude and frequency as that of the target signal. By only altering the phase of the jammer signal the resultant of the sum of jammer and target signal must be zero inside the communication channel so as to effectively jam any signal. This is achieved by passing the frequency modulated jammer signal into an Op-Amp with Inverting Configuration and Unity Gain. Using the ESP8266 NodeMCU which is a WIFI Module operating at the frequency of standard WIFI Signals which is 2.48GHz. The ESP8266 NodeMCU makes use of the ability to send network packets that contain information in the form of analog signals which is transmitted at a particular frequency which is the standard WIFI frequency. The packets which we are sending to the Host Network is encoded and flashed onto the NodeMCU using the in-built function with the commands to disconnect all devices connected to the Host Network by creating noise which forces the Host Network to disconnect all its connected devices to clear the clutter and network traffic-induced due to the NodeMCU and remains unconnectable till the source of noise clutter has been resolved in order to resume Network Communication.

Challenges we ran into

We had to think of the ideal way to use technology in such a way that it does not become a nuisance. Working with sensors that we hadn’t worked with before like FM and PM was a tough task and we struggled to get accurate data. We stepped out of our comfort zones for building this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to apply our working knowledge of Modulation to come up with an efficient and yet inexpensive product that can be put to use in various libraries, prisons, universities, etc. Coming up with the idea and implementing it within the given 24 hours was quite the task. We are incredibly proud to have made it work

What we learned

We learned to look at every aspect of the user’s needs to come up with the most ideal design. Implementing frequency modulation and integrating it with the hardware in a short span of time was a scary but exciting experience. We wish to take this project further, learning and growing along the way.

What's next for this project

We're in the prototyping stage with about 75% of the software, and hardware complete. We wish to complete our prototype of the wrist band and try testing it at working homes to check the efficiency of the solution. Based on the feedback received we wish to optimize the project to its best potential and get it patented so as to make a mark in the security and

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