The inspiration for this project came from the popular meme "My [x] leaving my body when [y]". I was also inspired by the floating effect from the series Stranger Things

What it does

The creator's body rises off the ground in slow-motion (eventually freezing) and their soul splits from their body, free to act on one side of the screen

How we built it

The Lens uses the following Lens Studio API's: *Body Eraser to hide grounded body during float effect *Body Segmentation to cut out and move the body *Body Normals to highlight the edges of the soul *Custom Shaders to create the star field *UV scale and offset to move the elements around the scene *Frame Copying to create the slow-motion effect *Body Tracking to activate on arm raise

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to get everything working together in tandem. Instead of moving the soul up vertically, I decided to move it horizontally to capture the more critical elements of the scene and make the effect less jarring. I also had to smoothly transition between a "frozen" body frame and the live camera when the user returns to normal, so I just used a fade-in-out tween. There's also a lot going on so I had to optimize the scene to not be too resource-hungry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I first tested this Lens out on my wife and kids and they immediately loved it, even in an unpolished state. I take great pride in creating experiences that others can enjoy!

What we learned

It takes some time to create a cohesive experience. Don't rush it or get fixated on your original plan : )

What's next for Soul Split

I think this is a timely Lens for Halloween so I'm excited to see what people create with it!

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