The 2016 hit "Not Easy" with Alex Da Kid, Wiz Khalifa, Elle King and X Ambassadors was made at incredible cost through collaboration with IBM Watson. The IBM team spent huge amounts of time and effort creating a resource to help Alex Da Kid write one song. They gave a man one fish, and that fish peaked at #34 on the Billboard Hot 100.

We wanted to build a general purpose tool that act as the perfect collaborator to make it easier to peak the charts.

What it does

Soul Fusion is a surreal immersive tool for users to brainstorm their creative process, especially in songwriting. The user inputs an inspiration word or phrase and Soul Fusion outputs related words and images, as well as sound-alikes, poetry, quotes and content of various other types to create a 3D environment to stimulate the writer process. Soul Fusion plows through writer's block while bringing creative buildable inspiration for content creators.

How we built it

WebGL front end user interface and tons of custom back end API integrations, with intelligent integrations for context analysis, content delivery and environment creation.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating data into the WebGL scene, organizing data and mapping them as textures onto 3D objects on the web. As it happens, virtual reality tools tend to not be the most simple.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented many useful APIs and hope users are able to find inspiration and creativity through our app.

What we learned

Solving various errors and bugs while integrating many APIs with an elaborate and customizable interface.

What's next for Soul Fusion

Voice input for a more seamless experience, text input for easier collaboration, tools to enhance customization, more advanced filtering, deployment on VR and AR platforms

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