WIth COVID having taken over our lives, being able to trace it and kill it at the source has been a goal of not only physicians, but the world. We were wondering how can we help increase the pace of which that could happen

What it does

The Covid-19 X-ray Analyzer has learned from 142 covid and 142 normal chest x-rays and can accurately(~97%) predict via a chest x-ray whether a person is suffering from the coronavirus fever.

How we built it

It uses tenserflow, keras and cv for prediction

Issues we faced

When working to make a case number prediction model in collab, working with the data and making the code became too difficult and we kept getting errors. As a result, we had to let go of the prediction part of the project and simply just graph the data. This would allow for people to visualize the situation even if they couldn't predict the future.

Future Plans

We plan on making the covid prediction model and improving the site. This way we can help identify the issue, think about the future situations and educate people via the website

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