A recent incident involving a kidnapping attempt of a Johns Hopkins female student right across from campus inspired us four Hopkins graduate students to build this application. Soteria was named after the Greek goddess of safety and preservation from harm. The entire functionality of the application involves a web interface (to be used by any university's security control center), an iOS mobile application for students, an accompanying Pebble application for students as well as an iOS application for security personnel. The iOS application allows any university student to notify the university's security control center that they are walking back home (or to any other destination) and are willing to be tracked until they safely reach their destination. The control center can track the student's path and accordingly notifies the nearest available security personnel to keep an eye out for them. The student can use the application to immediately alert security in case of an emergency or imminent threat and can also call security or 911 at the tap of a button. The accompanying Pebble application allows any student who owns one to never have to pull out their phones to be protected by Soteria, which can prove useful in dire circumstances. Soteria has lots of room for improvement. We hope to move beyond campus security and focus on keeping entire communities safe in the future.

Technologies used - Angular.js for the web application front-end, Node.js and MongoDB for the back-end, Objective-C for the iOS application, JavaScript for the Pebble application

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