Have you ever worried about your grandparent living alone, if something happened and you might know too late? For the people who loves their grandparents, who would like to be aware of it in advance, if anything happens, and want them to be treated as soon as possible, here we are introducing Home security solution for your Granny, Soteria!

What it does

Soteria devids into 3 different roles. Sensors are collecting the environmental data of the house, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, vision, motion, noise and send them to server. Then server will analyze the data and define the status to choose next action. (At this stage MS cognitive service is used.) If Granny has some troubles such as 'fire', 'earthquake', 'fall', it will turn into warning mode (blinking!) and send the email to a registered caregiver, that caregiver could choose the action like 'call to emergency' or 'call to granny'.

How we built it

We started with the architecture where we decided to employ two different interfaces to two different target user groups, one being our lovely granny and the other being her caregiver. One interface was implemented with care, love and Web technologies whereas the other was implemented with IoThub, cosmosDB, .NET, Azure, Microsoft cognitive services on top. We placed our granny-care Python server in between to represent the logic of the application. In the end, we ended up with a product built with lots of passion and cool tools.

Challenges we ran into

  • Installation and SDK integration of the Azure & Hardware supplied was particularly challenging. The tool supplied supports tons of functionalities and it is quite hard to extract what the developer is interested in at the first glance, or even after spending some time with the documentation. Without the help of booth I believe it is unreasonable to expect a user to figure out the whole process on her/his own and come up with an advanced application building on top.
  • Interchanging between data structures was another challenge of ours since the project is designed as multi-platform (Python, JavaScript, Azure etc.) each of which has their own needs and data formats. Satisfying the needs of each platform and trying to do so without being exposed to information loss required some time and effort.
  • Also it was really challenging, setup of the sdk for the Cosmos DB what failed in the because of incomplete documentation and an overlap of python versions which are needed to setup a python API for Cosmos DB.
  • As a second challenge occurred the desire to implement a legacy notification system based on SMS in order to "Grannies" phone in the Secure Home implementation. Since every library is provided by companies which require a sign up on their website and then several steps of phone number verification which didn't occur to be intuitive. After a few approaches to those kind of libraries.

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