Studies from past years show that the number of harassment and misconduct cases reported are increasing on an yearly basis. In recent times, around USC, DPS has recorded crimes alerting to sexual batteries, misconduct in the public places and so on.

What it does

Our project prevents about such imminent cases by observing the surroundings of a person using CV and alerting both the person and the nearest police department.

How I built it

The 360 degree surrounding of a person is observed and potential offenders are recognized using the Face detection and recognition feature of Computer Vision. Comparing the facial identification with a national database mapping it to a score alerts both the police and the person if the score exceeds a threshold, indicating a potential crime scene.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating the open source facial recognition software with AlwaysAI Getting the location in the nearest police department geographic polygon

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Complete integration of all components involving Firebase, AlwaysAI and Radar

What I learned

Computer Vision using AlwaysAI Geofencing using Radar

What's next for Soteria

Integrating pose estimation, emotion detection to reduce false positives and improve the detection accuracy of the offenders

Built With

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