Staying healthy while traveling is a priority for many people, but getting a complete picture of all the health risks and required preparations is time consuming and tedious. Services such as Passport Health offer planning packages, but those services are pricey and often require a traveler to sit through lengthy appointments. Additionally, air and water quality are aspects of travel that are often overlooked, leading to unpleasant surprises especially for at-risk individuals. Soteria, named after the Greek goddess of safety, aims to raise awareness on potential travel risks by compiling relevant travel health and advisory information while providing travelers with actionable recommendations.

What it does

Soteria presents critical health and vaccination information from the Center for Disease Control, travel advisory data from the U.S Department of the State, and water and real time air quality data from UNICEF and Novel key risks are highlighted for each country and required vaccinations are listed for the travelers. Travelers can also use the interactive map on the landing page to get a quick high-level view of the travel and health advisories. Additionally, a feature will be added to allow travelers to make appointment to obtain the vaccines they are missing for traveling to the selected country.

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS to create the front-end of the web application while incorporating map widgets from ArcGIS. We crawled data from CDC and the U.S. government to populate JSON files and hosted them on Google Firebase. For air quality data, we used rest API to obtain real time data from

Challenges we ran into

Ideation was a long process and we had to narrow down the data sets and tools we wanted to implement, and how specific we wanted our data to be. We briefly had issues getting our domain to sync with Firebase. We had issues with syntax when using the Scrapy framework, which we used to scrape health and disease data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works, it's visually appealing, and it's user friendly!

What we learned

Connecting a custom domain name to Firebase, scraping content with a web crawler.

What's next for Soteria

Incorporating Watson Discovery News to provide the most relevant travel related news headlines for the user. Additionally, another goal is providing travelers with an easy way to make appointments to get missing vaccines they need by connecting travelers to local healthcare providers for expedited services.

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