People sometimes try to get at you, and talk to you while you are asleep. Or perhaps you were trying to talk to someone who was asleep. What if your phone could let people know that you are sleeping at the moment and can't respond.

What it does

When people try to send you a message on a given social or communication platform, like Twitter for instance, the program will automatically respond with a message letting them know you are asleep, and cannot read it or respond at the moment.

How I built it

I tried building a twitter-bot...

Challenges I ran into

...but I could not figure out how to program it or even get it running.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had an idea, and made an attempt.

What I learned

Programming for internet applications is hard.

What's next for SoShweepy

Try to get any real example made for any platform.

Built With

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