1.65 billion people use Facebook. The social media marketing industry has grown by 38% or more every year for almost a decade.

Such a huge pool of users and businesses need to get their audience's attention, but it's not a skill we humans learn overnight.

Now, Soshi is here to help! From the planet UpVotia, Soshi is evolved to understand every nuance of social media, and Soshi's genius analysis and algorithms will optimize your business and personal social media!

What it does

Soshi uses proven metrics to analyze your social media posts. Not just that, but Soshi knows the optimal level for each of those metrics.

Soshi knows what attention-grabbing words to use, what level of readability to shoot for, what emotional balance to achieve, what's hot and what's not, and how to draw in an audience.

Soshi accompanies you through all of this in a beautiful, easy to read format.

How we built it

We didn't build Soshi. Soshi evolved from millions of years of survival of the most likable.

Soshi gained skills through this evolution, including Flesch-Kincaid reading ease analysis, emotional analysis with Soshi's friend Watson, and analysis using Soshi's list of professional social media marketing words and techniques.

Soshi combines all of this with a weighted algorithm to give you a single rating for your post's effectiveness.

Challenges we ran into

Soshi may be a genius alien, but Soshi still dislikes CSS positioning.

It also took Soshi many years to perfect the ranking algorithm.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Soshi extracts features from a social media post and uses a proprietary weighting system to give a single, easy to understanding rating. Soshi is proud of this great UX supported by strong analytics.

Soshi is also proud of the diverse tools and UI features in this utility, from Twitter and Watson's APIs, to radar charts, to animations.

What we learned

Soshi is always learning, especially as Soshi interacts with new elements and services, like the Twitter API, radar charts, and more.

Soshi also learned about how to design an easy to understand statistic supported by numerous features.

What's next for Soshi

Soshi will have a Twitter where you can Tweet your posts. Soshi will send you your ratings and advice!

Soshi will be on Facebook Messenger too!

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