We created this app since many times when we are in situations of a medical emergency or even a survival emergency we don't know what to do. Often times panic sets in and it makes the situation out of control. Even trying to google the answer lists out hundred of website, some with faulty answers and people just don't know what to believe and what to follow in their emergency. That's why our app RADAR helps to stop panic and create a all in one place for users to see step by step information about what to do in certain sceneries and help people come out of dangerous situations.

What it does

Our app contains different scenarios and step by step information and guides on how to solve them. Our app contains shelter in which you can see how to make a fire and building a shelter to help survivors in the forest. Another feature is the edible scenario in which our machine learning model can use your camera to identify the berry and tell you all the information about it and whether or not it is safe to eat or not. The navigation feature helps you to use nature as a source of navigation like using the stars and how to find water nearby. Finally our Medical feature helps to provide medical scenarios and step by step instructions on what to do in the situation. These features are available offline, so a user no matter in what situation can get a factual answer at the touch of their fingertips.

How we built it

Our app was created using Flutter and Dart to create a easy user experience in a native mobile app. Using these languages we had the ability to design our idea in a clean UI for users to easily navigate the scenarios. We also used machine learning for the software used to identify edible foods in the wild.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were the vast amount of data we needed to put in the app which led to some problems about formatting the app to retire data from sperate pages our just use 1 csv file. Most of our issues came with designing the UI, and with the lots of struggles we finally came accords the solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of out team member were first time users for using Flutter and Dart and being able to create such a intricate app for the first time was a big accomplishment. Working through each error which mainly came in the UI components we finally came around with the right solution. The machine learning model was also a good accomplishments since we integrated that with our app which used machine learning to recognize certain berries. This was a major achievement since it made our app more usable to more situations for our users.

What we learned

We learned how to make a fully functioning ios/Android App and how to integrate machine learning in the app as well and working together as a team and solving errors.

What's next for RADAR

The next steps for Radar is to use machine learning and simply have the user use their camera over the situation and the our model should predict the best steps the user should take. Moreover, a chat feature where users can look at forums and chat with other users to learn more of survival hacks and general survivals questions.

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