Group 14 Business Plan The S.O.S. iPhone 7 Case Ana Candida Carvalho, Pamela Cooper, Ana Arias-Gonzalez, Sophia Sotelo

Introduction The S.O.S. team is a group of students of design, business and technology working together to solve problems and empower other women with our products. The objective of this business plan is to launch our newest product: the “S.O.S. Iphone 7 Case.” The S.O.S. case unites the company’s core objectives and what we stand for: Security, Organization and Style always targeting the contemporary and tech-savvy woman. The S.O.S. case will offer security through our fingertip authentication system that prevents other people from reaching the case’s content. The organization comprises of an item that will not only make it easier for the user to carry its phone around, but also carry cards and documents in an organized and practical way. Finally, the style is achieved by a modern and chic design always using the best materials available in the market. Mission Statement To find solutions for women’s daily problems regarding security, organization and style. Rationale for Idea The “S.O.S. Iphone 7 Case,” was made thinking about independent women that often commute alone and thus need to carry her documents, phone and other important items in a secure and stylish way. The “S.O.S. Case” looks just like a small leather purse with a detachable strap. The key feature, however, rely on its fingertip authentication system, so only the owner can have access to the phone and documents inside. Target Market The “S.O.S. Case” is targeted to 18-40 year old females living in major metropolitan areas around the United States. They are fashion conscious, but at the same time practical, with medium to high disposable incomes. • College students, young professionals and working mothers. • Mostly single. • Financially independent with average income over $30,000 a year. • They seek practicality, security and style, characteristics necessary for their daily activities that go from commuting to work, to happy hours and cultural events. Personas College Student: 20, in her junior to senior year in college at a major US city. Even though her priority is the college, she also has an agitated social life. She attends music festivals, but also enjoy an evening at friends’ houses. With a college student budget, she still relies in her family for financial support and is willing to pay good money on whatever makes her life easier and more secure. Young Professionals: 28, recently graduated young professional in business working hours living in metropolitan areas. She balances work, family and hobbies, which include fashion and travelling. She seeks independence and freedom and is willing to pay good money for accessories that offer both style and functionality in her daily life. Working Mothers: 35, working mother commuting to work from the countryside to a major city. She balances work and the house activities by spending time with her children. She is always busy and looking for ways to carry fewer items around when going to work or taking her children to school. She is willing to spend good money on gadgets that will offer her more control and security while performing her daily tasks. Competitive Analysis There are several flip wallet cases with space for cards and documents inside in the market, such as the “Toffee Flip Wallet Case,” the “Nodus Access Case 2,” and the “Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book Case.” All those cases also use leather as their main material, offers practicality and good designs. However, S.O.S. Case unique selling points are mainly based on its stylish design and fingertip security system, which prevents the documents and cards to be lost or stolen. In addition to that, the S.O.S. Case also will also donate part of its sales profits to support the females in tech cause.

Distribution Channel Marketing Plan

• Social Media S.O.S. Company will use Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat as their main social media channels. Instagram will include pictures of the product, its functions, inspirational images used for our designs, quotes and videos showing our impact in the cause we support. Instagram Stories and Snapchat would include more of our daily activities at the company, interviews with co-founders and strong women to be inspired by. Twitter will be more focused on news about the company and general info. The Facebook page will include bios about the founders of the company, product reviews, images of actions taken by the company towards our supporting cause and links to articles about the project and product designed.

• In-store retail strategy The “S.O.S. Iphone 7 Case” will be sold at Verizon and Apple stores at major US cities. It will have its special display inside the store with images and signs about the company, the #DesignHackathon project and cause supported. The packaging will include bios on the designers of the product and how its purchase impacts women around the world.

• PR and Media There will be a major event for the launch of the “S.O.S. Case” at the Verizon flagship. At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the designers and co-founders of the Semi-Colon Company and the judges (Rebecca Minkoff and Zac Posen) of the #DesignHackathon project. It will also include guest speakers, which support and/or represent the women’s in tech cause, from professionals of the area to women that had their lives changed because of technology. The event and product would be announced in a TV commercial, banners inside the Apple and Verizon stores, outdoors, subway ads and major fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue, which would also include photoshoots incorporating the S.O.S. case to its fashion story.

• Commercial The commercial will air at Verizon and Apple’s websites and stores. At the stores it will be shown in Ipads located next to the display where the cases will be found. It will also be available on our social media pages and website. The commercial will also include Zac Posen and Rebecca Minkoff as supporters of the cause and representatives of fashion. Financial Plan The S.O.S. Case will be made of genuine leather and its fingertip authentication system also raises the costs of production. Each phone case will cost approximately U$ 20,00 to produce and have a suggested retail price of U$ 95,00. From the U$ 75,00 of revenue generated by the S.O.S. Case sales, 5% will be redirected to support the female in tech cause.

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