Our inspiration was the plethora of stories were people feel trapped in these unhealthy, domestic relationships and the multitude of blank faces from people when asked, "What is domestic violence?"

Our app gives definitions and examples of what domestic violence is, as well as offering the user a plethora of hotlines and shelters.

Our app was built using MIT App Inventor.

Most of our challenges had to do with the limitations of MIT App Inventor. For example, MIT App Inventor is incapable of traversing large databases with efficiency, causing the application to crash.

We are proud that we were able to overcome the majority of our issues, as well as overcome a lot of compiling errors.

We learned a lot about app development, grit, and team communication and collaboration.

Next for SOS Protect, we plan to make it where the user can search through our database to find a nearby shelter by just entering their zip code or city and state.

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