What it does

SOS App is an Android app that allows the user to send an SOS message to a predecided phone number.

This SOS App was built as a part of the Use GPS or Maps Technology session at MLH Local Hack Day: Share 2021.

How I built it

  • The main branch contains the Xamarin.Forms project used to build the Android app that gets the coordinates of the phone through the Xamarin.Essentials Geolocation API and call the SOS Azure Function.

  • The sos_function branch contains the Azure Function that reverse geocodes the coordinates to get the address from the Google Maps Geocoding API and uses Twilio Programmable Message to send an SOS message to predecided number.

Built With

  • azure-functions
  • dotnet
  • google-maps-geocoding-api
  • twilio
  • xamarin-essentials
  • xamarin-forms
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