When I was a kid, I always watch the show call 911 and I'm amazed on how 911 can really help saves life. But to get help the person needs to be able to reach out to 911. I've been thinking what happen if that person is alone and not able to move around? How can he or she make the call?

What it does

This Skills will use Alexa to contact 911 for help, this will also benefit those individuals that may not be able to speak due to an emergency such as a home invasion or abusive partner.


  1. Imagine user A involve in a critical accident where he/she cannot move but he/she still can talk. He/She then activates Alexa and send an SOS sms to 911 for help

  2. Imagine User B, fell down from stairs and he/she cannot move. Luckily Alexa is in the house so he/she can ask for emergency help by asking Alexa to sms 911

  3. Imagine User C being tied up by criminals in the house. He/She can get help using Alexa when situation allowed

How I built it

This Skill was built using Twilio and Lambda while capitalizing on the rising usage of test-to-911

Challenges I ran into

Challenges that I've faced is that I can't do a live Testing as this will send an SMS to 911. Hence I've tested it using a different source phone no.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is definitely an Award winning skills for Alexa that I can proud off, This is a necessities if you own Alexa because when you least expected, this skill might be your saviour! I'm proud that this skill can help a lot of people in US that own an Alexa. Although this is my 1st Alexa project , I'm proud this will help a lot of people in future

What I learned

When you dream or visualize a solution for a problem in this Era, 90% you will be able to create it as long as you put a lot of effort and time to investigate and research on the method.

What's next for SOS 911 Emergency Help

Customizing the skills according to the needs of user Customizing skills according to country or states Expand the usage to contact family members or close relatives in case of emergency

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