Our world is changing. Uber revolutionized transportation and Airbnb revolutionized lodging. Now, it's food's turn. We believe that it's time to cook, serve and eat, so we are introducing; Sorve!

There's a problem in today's society of fast food chains - Americans are slowly losing touch with healthy foods and cultural cuisines. It's too easy to walk down a few blocks and buy a hamburger for a few dollars, after all.

Sorve is a web app that connects busy foodies and local cooks to share authentic cultural cuisines - in essence, it is an app that allows the public to serve the public. "Home chefs" can sell meals to those that are looking for authentic food but are too busy to make them. As a result, the general public can be more connected with different cultures and the food they eat, while cooks can make a little extra money.

Sorve allows for the browsing of local chefs and dishes, filtered by culture, recommended, and location. Different options allow for a pleasant user experience.

We aim to share authentic cultural food experiences with a web app!

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