Sort Outlook Mail Attachments

Workflow example for Download and Sort outlook mail attachments based on type of attachment from outlook conveniently.

This UiPath workflow example demonstrate how to utilise UiPath App Integration with "Microsoft Outlook. User can download the attachment by running the workflow. All downloaded attachments are stored in local output folder after sorting the attachments based on extension of attachment file.

- Provide Outlook Mail account

- Provide list of folders from which attachments required to be downloaded

- Provide Number of Top messages to download attachment from

- In case of duplicate attachment, attachment is overwritten.

- A CSV file is also created to provide the list of downloaded attachment

- User can schedule the workflow for automatic download of the attachment and conveniently sort the type of attachment for offline us


We get many attachments trough mails with different types. May times difficult to find the attachment files in the mail and we have to search and open the files to find the right one. Also sometimes we need to organize and merge similar kind of files and it will be good if attachments are downloaded and saved automatically.

What it does

This workflow example take advantage of Outlook App Integration with UiPath and download attachments from various folders and sort files based on the type of the files. Then downloaded files are grouped and saved in the folder with same name as the extension of the files e.g. .docx, .xlsx, .jpg etc. Now user can schedule this workflow and automatically download and sort the files.

How I built it

By using Outlook Activities in UiPath, Workflow has been created

Challenges I ran into

Not much as UiPath makes it very simple by providing Outlook integration

What I learned

How to use Outlook Activities in UiPath # What's next for UiPath Workflow for Microsoft Azure

What's next

We can sort the attachments based on dates and contents and also files can be forwarded/extracted using machine learning

Built With

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