As a TA for a class at RIT, I saw students complete countless group projects across the many sections offered for the class. For our first project, the teachers were nice, letting us rank our preferred role and our preferences for teammates. This level of accommodation meant that either the teacher or the TA would have to work at least an hour to get everyone on the team they wanted. Across 40 sections, this was a lot of manual hours spent in Excel.

What if, for just this one class, we could save ~50 hours of work and make sure there are no mistakes made in team creation? What if there was an automated, free, and easy solution for not just the class for which I was a TA, but for every teacher in every college across the country? This was the goal we set when we were forming our team.

We are most proud of our easy signup flows for multiple cases, and the ease with which a professor is able to get the students' info into the system. We spent a lot of time focusing on this. The algorithm was fairly easy: it is just a set of steps taken to sort out where everyone goes, which is why people don't bother to solve the problem.

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