SortingHat is a web application built by JavaScript, PHP and Python in 36 hours, with fully implementation on both front-end and back-end.


Most university database website right now doesn't help us to find a best-fit university in an efficient way interestingly. Our main goal is to help current high school students to find out their best fit university in United State easy and fast, by analyzing data, such as user's GPA, SAT, tuition range, location and study focus. SortingHat right now supports searching more than 2000 universities in United State.


The database of SortingHat is mainly mined from CollegeData and CollegeBoard. Our mined data includes university name, average accepted SAT, average accepted GPA, rankings and so on. We used JS to create client-side application, and used Python, PHP to build our server-side data generation and processing. The searching result is weighted by user's grad match and their interest.

Result and Future:

The results of SortingHat is satisfied and interesting. We may improve the accuracy and provide more information, such top grossing words of a university in the future development!!!!

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