Recycling is confusing. There are so many different recycling labels which aren't clear, kerbside rubbish collection is different everywhere and there are lots of rules e.g. if cardboard is wet then it might contaminate other cardboard and make it un-recyclable.

We wanted to take recycling and make it fun, or at least one of those simple games that people can play whilst they're on the train, sofa, or toilet.

What it does

Sort Stuff is a game where you have to 'process' and sort the waste presented to you in the given time limit.

Some of the items have to be 'processed' e.g. their lids removed and washed, before you can recycle them, and some things have to sent straight to the bin.

How we built it

We used vanilla JavaScript to build this game. We wanted to challenge ourselves to remember what we'd learnt in the first few weeks of our bootcamp, about 12 weeks ago! We did this using version control and discussed whilst we worked, over Zoom.

Challenges we ran into

We initally started building 'RubbishMan' a version of PacMan. But we decided, halfway through that it wasn't communicating our message well enough, and was very small for a mobile phone. So we changed tack and started creating a new game, which would work well on a mobile. We haven't been able to finish the game as we would have liked due to this but that just gives us more to work on in the future.

The drag and drop approach we took, doesn't work on mobile phones and we didn't know this until too late. We've found a different approach to try though. Also, when you drag and drop currently, it only moves one image.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building what we have in the short space of time (after changing our approach part way through).
  • Getting the product images to appear randomly in the center of the page.

What we learned

*Remember your audience and key messages. *Check that your code will work on a mobile (e.g. the drag and drop) *In less than 2 hours the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall.

What's next for Sort Stuff

We would add to the functionality of the app/make it work properly!

We would add a scoring system.

We would build levels which would get increasingly harder, with more rubbish to sort in a limited amount of time.

We would replace the icons with real products, which we could get the manufacturers or retailers to sponsor.

Given time, we'd like to build a UK rubbish collection API which we could integrate with the game. This would mean people could sort to images of their wheelie bins, bags or boxes, which would vary on where they live. We could also focus the products to that local area.

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