Toronto suffers from a 26% contamination rate in their recycling, that is nearly a quarter of all the recycling completed does not actually end up being recycled. Contamination happens when non-recyclable materials or garbage end up in the recycling system, from leftover food in containers to non-recyclable plastics to clothing and propane tanks.

To address this problem, we created sort-it.

What it does

The app helps everyone do their part in working towards a greener planet. Users open the app and take a photo of the trash that they are unsure about, and the app tells them where it goes! In addition to this feature, user can enter their phone number and the day of the week they wish to be reminded about garbage days.

How we built it

Android app built with Java and Firebase ML kit, webserver with Go and Firebase Firestore

Challenges we ran into

Successfully implemented ML kit

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a finished product at the end of our first hackathon!

Built With

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