Soroban needs a Liquidity Pool AMM with a good user interface. My inspirations:

What it does

Implementation of the Liquidity Pool contract with all the necessary interactions with the user using the @soroban-react library. Mint tokens, provide liquidity to the pool, swap tokens.

The front-end calculates the necessary INPUT tokens to send in order to get the correct amout of OUTPUT tokens. As it is developed in React.js, provides a smooth user experience.

All the necessary script to deploy the project are available in the repositoty.

How I built it

[rust]: Smart contract and backend: Fork of soroban-examples smart contract written in rust (liquidity_pool and token)

[bash]: Scripts to deploy and initialize the smart contracts as well as a local standalone network

[react.js]: Front end with hook implementing the @soroban-react library

[typescript]: necessary functions and new hooks

Challenges I ran into

  • Create custom hooks
  • Upgrade the environment in order to use the lastest skd versions.
  • Transform variables to ScVal in order to pass them to the useContractValue or useSendTransaction functions of the @soroban-react library
  • Write the inverse functions to calculate the correct input/output amount of tokens of the constant product AMM
  • Write Signatures in js-soroban-client
  • Get wasm hash using soroban-cli

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Moved code to @soroban-react When I realize that a code will be copied and paste in a future Dapp development, I move this code to a new version of the @soroban-react library that I am supporting. I am happy that everyone can profit from my development

What I learned

Everything is much difficult than it seems to be at the beggining 😅 Stellar team and the community is ready to help! ✌️

What's next for Soroswap: Liquidity Pool Dapp in Soroban

Even if the Dapp works ok now, still needs to be improved, both on the Smart Contract side, as well as in the front end. I write all necesary things in the project's issues page in

  1. Implement remove liquidity as well as a dashboard to see positions
  2. Implement liquidity providers fee (now fee=0)
  3. Solve other issues (refresh balances after signing messages, show the user what she/he's signing, etc...)
  4. Give a fresh design

Regarding the Smart Contract, I want to directly collaborate in the stellar's soroban-examples repo.

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