I like creative tools and things you've assembled yourself are much more valuable to you than something off the shelf. Think Minecraft and IKEA. So instead of clicking "mint" and that's it - go ahead and draw your own NFT.

What it does

It provide a 5x5 pixel canvas for creating your drawings with a one-click mint. There's also a library view to view your past creations.

How we built it

It started during a livestream... :D

Challenges we ran into

Creating the entire Universe before I could get started coding Soroban.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of the UX and the SDK.

What we learned

I've learned that I can use the basic Soroban primitives to build ANYTHING. I also learned that I can't easily get random numbers on-chain, which prevented me from adding a twist to the painter - after submitting your canvas, using random numbers, some pixels would turn different colors... The possibilities are ENDLESS!

What's next for Soroban Painter

It will become a game!

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