We are tired of wasting time to tracking down that stat or quote we read yesterday. We built and easier way to recall the actual content and where I read it.

Sorc'd provides an easy way to organize, recall and discover snippets of relevant content. Within our business platform, teams can save small, digestible pieces of information they find interesting to a private cloud-based environment. While as an individual it creates an extremely quick and effective way to save useful information and cite it later, as a team of individual users it creates a repository of invaluable information shared by peers, managers, executives, and subject matter experts. We're breaking down the information silos that inhibit growth.

Sorc'd for Office provides an easy way to add relevant snippets and source links with one click. Create stronger content, faster, with Sorc'd!

Whether your writing your next book, white paper or media review. Sorc'd saves you time.

The Sorc'd add-on provided the ability to insert the great snippets you have found online in any Word, Powerpoint, or Excel document. Exporting from your document to Sorc'd is just as easy. Easily share your wisdom with the rest of the team.

Sorc'd already had a RESTful API powering our entire system so we simply had to create the HTML/JS assets to fit within the specification provided by Microsoft to create the presentation layer of our software within the Office platform.

Successfully launching an add-on to help users create stronger content faster

What we learned: Anything is possible with Microsoft!

We will continue to increase our library of API's. No matter what tool you use your snippets will be at you are creating.

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