Inspiration-I always thought that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When I saw the many complicated watch faces for the Pebble Steel, I thought that it would be better if it showed exactly what you needed to see, and in a format that makes it look even better.

How it works-Basically, I used CloudPebble to compile code in the C language. I then ran the program, and a computerized model of the interface I designed showed up.

Challenges I ran into-Not only am I a beginner to hackathons, I am also a beginner to both hardware hacking and the the language C. This made it incredibly challenging for me to learn the basics of a complicated language and to make something great out of it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of-I am proud of how I managed my time. Even though I worked a lot on the program, I was also able to talk to a lot of my friends and great people I had just met, and I learned a lot from them and had fun at the same time.

What I learned-I learned the language C, but only enough for me to work with the Pebble Steel. I also went to some of the programs that were offered, and I learned more about iOS development, the Intel Edison, and the functions of different sensors.

What's next for Sophistication by Simplicity-The New Face of Pebble-I think that the project is completed, but I want to work more with the Pebble Watch. Of course, not everything can be done on only an emulator, so I want to obtain the actual watch soon. Then, I want to build apps that can run with iOS on Pebble, for the reason that I enjoy both products and I believe that an integration between them would result in something better than either of them separately.

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