I don’t know about you but being told not to do stuff brings up my inner rebellion. Although thankfully I’m more aware now of my personality quirks. Welcome to my world.

What it does

It's all writing completed myself and as a result of self identity work I've done with professional therapists.

How I built it

WordPress for Business. But I added all the adjustment, tags and unique settings.

Challenges I ran into

It's a lot of work keeping the numbers up but gradually I realized that by posting frequently I pick up the WordPress search engine on WordPress reader.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had two happiness calls with WordPress engineers and one with a plug-in expert. My site is one of the more successful sites on the WordPress reader.

What I learned...

Managing editorial responsibilities. Keeping articles interesting, adding interesting media. How to get properly owned pictures on the site not just cropped screenprints from a Google search.

Trying out Grace Magazine Pro I reached out to happiness engineers in Nepal.

What's next for Sophie's Worldwide Web

I've committed to maintaining the site up to June 2021.

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