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Sophi is a Discord Bot acting as a personal study buddy to motivate students when studying. Due to the current pandemic, most students have been forced to abruptly transition from physical to remote learning. Unlike school, students can be easily distracted when learning at home due to personal factors. This sudden transition has caused many students to fall behind on their school work or struggle with understanding the content. We created Sophi in order to solve this problem by motivating students to continue their academics during these hard times, whether it’s by creating an educational environment or providing more resources.

What it does

Sophi is a simple bot with one main function, to motivate the user to continue studying. She responds with motivational phrases and words of encouragement. When the user enters a phrase such as "I don't feel like studying," Sophi responds with a message to encourage and prompt the user to continue studying. She also recommends the user to take breaks and refocus themselves to improve their studying experience. If a user is stuck and needs more help, Sophi will provide subject-specific links to the Khan Academy website. Sophi also allows for some fun as she outputs cute pet distractions and academic memes when the user asks for them.

How I built it

We coded the Discord Bot using Discord API and Python(

Challenges I ran into

In the beginning, we were trying to implement many features into our bot, however, we didn't account for the time it would take to combat minor issues in our code or setup. We had trouble with the installation of Discord's API packages and couldn't figure out how to integrate certain features such as .command. It was also a little difficult trying to understand how to set up the bot and code commands.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of ourselves for continuously staying motivated, especially when we encountered problems in our code, which occasionally seemed unsolvable. Our biggest accomplishment was being able to make a functional product in an area where we had minimal experience and knowledge in. We are all new to python and Discord Bots but we were able to learn and use a wide variety of foreign tools in a short span of time. :))

What I learned

We learned the functions of different bot commands, as well as the implementation of APIs. We also learned more about the basic functionalities of Python and were comfortable enough to challenge ourselves to implement more complex codes.

What's next for Sophi - Personal Study Buddy

We hope to enable Sophi to respond to voice commands, along with text commands, to make it easier for students when asking for help. We also plan to add a new team feature that enables students to study together virtually if they have time or if they require assistance. The student would send a request for a study buddy and Sophi will pair people up based on their availability and the specified subject. For people who want to study alone or have difficulty studying in silence, we hope to allow Sophi to play music to motivate them.

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