There is an acute need for those in marginalized communities to be connected with services and service providers in order to lift those most at risk and help reconnect people with community and purpose.

What it does

SoPact is a decentralized platform that connects donors with doers by leveraging the celo blockchain and existing networks of service providers including physicians, social workers, and a range of other necessary service providers. SoPact accelerates decentralized access to a comprehensive range of services for people who are homeless or at risk, including those suffering from a substance use disorder.

These include: 1.) Access to safe housing 2.) Primary care physician access 3.) Access to psychiatry and therapy 4.) Transportation to service provider locations

Features breakdown: 1) Donations a. Fiat - converts to appropriate stablecoin instantly b. Crypto - connect a wallet

  • Stable coins - wallets (Mobius, Valora) cUSD
  • Yield from DeFi - Moola and Ubeswap
  • Nfts - sold and royalties c. Kickstarter funds d. DeFi Integrations - (deFi primitives) i. Yield - Ubeswap, and Moola. e. Stablecoin use - cUSD i. Donations ii. Mobius f. Design for Mobile

Purpose of blockchain in this project:

  • Global reach - ease if use, accessible
  • Transparency
  • airdrops/NFT - increase adoption

Connect to community members’ wallet addresses Apply as a community lead 2 wallets - Manager depository contract 1) Management 30% Pay for doers services/time (human labor) 2) Social use 70% Social services funds to be disbursed for humans in need Used for connection to: a.) primary care physicians b.) psychiatrists c.) transportation d.) dentistry e.) housing

Incentivisation model: Social proof Airdrops/NFTS to doners Tax deduction for doners

How we built it

SoPact is built using the react native app, solidity and the celo blockchain. Expo is used to test the react native app. We'll be using the celo stablecoins later on.

Challenges we ran into

Hashing out the business plan and features breakdown. Determining which features to include, which to build out, and how best to allocate our time in order to deliver by the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have learned a significant amount about celo. Getting a firm grasp on how to tokenize a business model. We are exceedingly proud that we are working on building out a mobile app.

What we learned

We learned that using react natie, celo, ethereum virtual machine, and solidity can be used in conjunction to build a platform in a very short amount of time.

What's next for SoPact Social Impact Platform

We plan to continue development of the mobile app and building out the rest of the features. We plan to leverage the contacts we made here at the Hackathon to continue building out the smart contract and build a web app.

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