Soothe is made in conjunction with Hack The Midlands 2020 and aims to support personal mental health. In addition to that, all of us have known someone or have experience low mental health, and we wanted to create this calming and therapeutic game for anyone and everyone to play whenever they feel low in any aspect of their mental health. Foundations such as "the JED Foundation", who strongly emphasizes on the importance of mental health in younger people, are also part of the inspiration for us to contribute to helping those suffering these mental health issues.

What it does

A game designed to provide a safe and calm environment for people with mental health issues to dive in and isolate themselves from the rest of the bustling world.

How we built it

Soothe is built on Python and Python Arcade library.

Current status

The main menu AKA the hub world is completed, where there are doors leading to the various different chapters. There are two working doors (levels) at the moment, with the first door dealing with stress and the second dealing with depression. Animations for player model and the currently available entities are completed. All levels are designed with original visual assets to fit the aesthetics.

Challenges we ran into

Since we wanted to make sure that our game will have a positive impact on the targeted audience, We had to do extensive research on mental health, the different types of negative mental health and ways to help treat them. This is all our first time using the Python Arcade library, therefore we had to properly study and understand how to implement it to make a smooth and functional game. Making sure that most of the assets used in the current build is original and fits the aesthetics of the game, and at the same time implementing soft colours and calming music.


Completed the game within the time constraints of the hackathon.

What we learned

We learnt Python Arcade and gain sufficient knowledge to make a sound game and how to make all the assets (visual) from scratch, through ideas and drafts.

What's next for Soothe

  • More levels
  • Additional UI improvements (Mute, User info and playtime, etc)
  • Idle animation

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