Our core philosophy is that even superheroes sometimes need help, and we can leverage technology in innovative ways to make all of our lives profoundly simpler.

What it does

SOOPA allows superheroes to monitor crimes in their vicinity and helps them solve these crimes in an efficient and timely manner. It provides a live feed of crime data on a map and allows heroes to assign themselves to these crimes.

It also provides a real-time heat map, showing crime hotspots so users can respond proactively.

SOOPA also gives suggestions of buildings to use as a vantage point, by combining LIDAR and Open Street Map data to provide estimates of building height.

Finally, SOOPA uses an artificial neural network to predict the resolution time for a given crime based on the type of crime, its severity rating and the profile of the hero assigned.

How we built it

We built SOOPA as two parts, a front-end Android app for the superheroes, and a backend built using Python and Flask.

The front end utilises the Google Maps Android SDK to display a map of the world with our Heat Map, Crime and Vantage Point Markers overlaid onto it.

The back end is built using the Flask microservices framework which communicates with a MongoDB Database, we also used Keras for the Neural Network based predictions.

We also made extensive use of Numpy and Pandas to process and manipulate our datasets so they were ready for our application to consume.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding an easy to use Building Height data set
  • Training a Neural Network to predict resolution times
  • Using the Google Maps API, which was a new experience
  • Adapting data from a third-party directions API so that it can be overlaid on the Google Map.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a fully functional pair of applications in a very short time period
  • Made some amazing icons
  • Making Asynchronous requests to the server from the Android App

What we learned

  • Lots of things

What's next for SOOPA

The natural extension of SOOPA is to adapt it to the bespoke needs of our everyday superheroes - our emergency services personnel. The London Emergency Services have reported chronic shortages in call handlers. SOOPA removes the intermediary, allowing our police, firefighters and paramedics to respond instantly to an emerging incident

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