Automated HVAC solutions Homes and office buildings require constant attention to HVAC settings to avoid over-heating and over-cooling. This constant flex in temperature cost a lot of money and consumes mass amounts of energy. In New York state, heating and cooling accounts for ~44% of a business's energy consumption.

What it does

  • Automatically adjusts vent dampener to prevent overheating & overcooling

How I built it

Circuit/programming part

  • Thermister (temperature probe) reads real-time ambient temperature
  • Sends signal to Arduino
  • Arduino interprets thermister values comparing with calibrated set ambient value (flexible, not hardcoded)
  • Arduino determines either open or close of dampener

Motor part

  • Motor spins bearings
  • Vent dampener moves up and down

Challenges I ran into

  • Severe time constraint
  • Getting temperature sensor (Thank you, Jorel Lalicki)
  • Lack of coding experience
  • Fitting components in limited space

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Working code to control temperature sensor & servomotor
  • Successfully squeezing in components

What I learned

  • Plan ahead
  • Pressure gets things done
  • Get right components
  • Coding is doable

What's next for Soom

Quality Improvement

  • Interaction with thermostat
  • Mini wind turbine to supply power
  • Noise reduction
  • Low frequency RF

Cost Reduction

  • Cheaper circuit components
  • One to many: fewer extensive components
  • One way communication

Built With

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