Rachit is a lazy fella. He shared his problem of procrastinating setting up manual medicine reminders on his mobile. That is when we thought automating it will make tons of people's lives easier.

What it does

It is a fully automated e-prescription tracker and medicine reminder.

The doctor will write digital prescriptions on our app which will be saved on the user's profile and we will send out automatic reminders for the patients to take their medicines (entirely based on what is written in the prescription.)

Use Cases

  1. Patients won't have to set reminders manually. Hence, there is no way for them to procrastinate.
  2. Patients won't have to keep a physical binder to maintain their medical history.
  3. Patients won't have to confuse themselves by reading the (mostly incomprehensible) handwriting of the doctor once they forget their medicines, dosage, or timings.

How we built it

We first documented the whole idea on and then Rachit designed the user interface. After designing the UI, we started working on the frontend and then simultaneously backend.

Github Issues has helped us a lot in keeping track of all the work done and work to be done!

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with generating PDF of the prescription.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We have a very simple yet minimal User Interface (UI.)
  2. Being done with the backend at the end.
  3. Being able to work with 2 strangers for more than a week.

What's next for Soochit

  1. Infinite accounts under a single phone number.
  2. Ties with online medicine sellers for our revenue generation.

Watch our video to know everything in detail!

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