Our goal is to make strong user security and authentication convenient, simple, and frictionless.

What it does

SonoKey uses sound or audio frequency to transmit and receive data between devices. It can do this from about 1 to 5 meters. This will reduce the need to enter passwords or swipe the NFC keys. The use of the sound or audio medium reduces or eliminates the need for manually handling the keys. This is especially beneficial for older users and people with less dexterity. We are leveraging - the fact that microphones and speakers are “ the largest existing infrastructure in the world" and that sound can reliably be used in the 1 to 5 meter proximity for communicating data.

How I built it

1) Our Sonokey project is built using the Flask microframework, PyOTP, which is a One-Time Password library created by Mark Percival, and the popular scripting language known as Python. 2) The front end of our project translates the digital authentication token granted by our Backend servers into a audible sound. Then, our Sonokey sound receivers translate this sound back into the authentication token, which is then used to either grant or reject access to the resource associated with the receiver.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Zero to a POC and demo team in 24 hours.

What's next for SonoKey

To demo our product and strategy to potential partners. Patent pending.

Built With

  • flask
  • our-sonokey-sound-receivers-translate-this-sound-back-into-the-authentication-token
  • pyotp
  • python
  • pythonanywhere
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