Realtime keep track / be informed of what an automation process is doing.

What it does

Making use of the existing social messaging application like Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber,.. the SONO snippet can help an automation process send a multimedia message to these social network so that the concerned people can be get involved in real-time. They can just be informed or give order determining the continuity of the automation process in question.

How we built it

Using the capacity of UIPath we interact with the social messaging application (Facebook messenger for the current version) to facilitate the addressed feature

Challenges we ran into

Exploiting the mimic feature of UIPath Robot, we develop a notification systems without any conventional programming language. Just imitating the interaction of human user, zero coding, we have to realize a notification service having all sophisticate features like multiuser, scalability, real-time notification.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mastering the vertus of UIPath, we succeeded in realizing the communication with Facebook Messenger and in exploiting the social messaging of this application to build up a notifying component with almost all necessary features

What we learned

Daring to use UIPath for developing more complicate automation process. Deeply digging inside to the addressing methods of UIPath to locate Web objects and interact with them

What's next for SONO: SOcial NOtificator

Extend the SONO to involve more third party social messaging like Skype, Viber, Whataps,... Exploiting Orchestrator feature to develop in-house messaging for notification

Built With

  • uipath
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