The title of the project "Soke" is derived from the South African word "Sonke" which means "All of us."

Category: Reopening with

Problem: The covid-19 pandemic has brought fast moving and unexpected variables. As the number of cases continues to spike, people fear for their health and lives, with new measures such as social distancing, self isolation and quarantine in place. Among the affected are businesses and one key challenge is reopening while keeping employees and customers safe during the crisis.

Goals: To develop a plan that would help businesses successfully handle evolving challenges posed by the pandemic. To enable businesses to shift focus on other predominant issues such as inequality and inequity. To connect people such as the immunocompromised who need assistance with tasks and those that can render assistance to them.

Solution: Build a web app where people can send requests for specific tasks, and someone can volunteer to do that for them. Help alleviate the challenges businesses will face when attempting to tackle problems posed by the pandemic and enable them focus on other predominant issues.

Challenges Faced Our app wasn't complete because of time constraints and prior unfamiliarity with the platforms required. As a team, we have a clear vision of what we want to build. After the hackathon ends, we are going to devote time to learning more about the Lightning Web Components and get the app working!

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