The current situation for mobile app deployment is difficult and hard to set up. The set up is time consuming. There are no simple solutions. And in the real world the existing solutions are not fitting to your special requirements.

What makes it an expensive experience. :(

An one click solution is needed, that works in no time and where no expert knowledge is required with a nice buildin monitoring.

What it does

You choose from your github project which project you want to release. The App will be build and released automatically. You receive an overview how many devices, which devices and what os are successfully updated and which updates failed. Sonic also provides nice monitoring to have an overview about your roll out. No configuration, no further tools are needed. It is an easy one click solution that works seamlessly.

This solution can be also accessed via webhook. That way you can integrate it in your CI/CD pipeline or call it simply via slack.

How we built it

The main functionality is accessible over a webhook. That way you can integrate it easily to your existing CI/CD-Pipeline or you add it to your ChatOps solution.

For a proof on concept and for the fasted setup, we build a Webpage with ReactJs, GraphQL with a Github signin and a mongodb in the background.

We also build a testapp with React-Native to do the showcase with a common cross-plattform technology.

Challenges we ran into

  • The mobile world is not homogeneous. There are the native apps with Android and iOS, plus the crossplattform ones like react native, xamarin, cordova. It is needed to focus on one plattform first to create a successful prototype.

  • Don't reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of solutions already on the market. It's advisory to find small feature blocks that you can integrate in your product. They are already tested. Don't waste your time in reinventing something that already exist. You gonna need this time at the end of the day. Trust us - seriously.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That it just works. The Application is easy to use and is intuitive.

What we learned

  • Focus on the MVP
  • Stay motivated
  • Reuse existing solutions

What's next for Sonic

Analyze the market and decide to extend the features and the plattforms:

  • Even More Monitoring!
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cordova

Check the slides

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