Every time someone tries to talk to me while I'm listening to music through my headphones, it takes me a while to realize that they even saying anything because I can't hear them. We wanted an app that would help you be aware of your surroundings without disturbing your workflow. We also realized that people also often listen to music while commuting or while exercising and may be in danger if they cannot hear what's going on in their surroundings. Sonic Flow would also help people enjoy their music on the go while staying safe.

What It Does

An application for noise cancelling headphones in the workplace. Add keywords that will lower the volume or stop noise cancelling on your headphones, allowing you to listen when important things are said.

How We Built It

We created an Android application that utilized the microphone on your phone to detect certain keywords after parsing the speech through IBM's Watson API.

Challenges We Ran Into

It was difficult to collect sound from the phone and continuously put it through IBM's API, so we ended up having to record and save new audio files every couple of seconds and scan each one.

Accomplishments that We're Proud Of

We learned quite a lot about Android development and how to use Harman's newly-released API for their Everest headphones.

What We learned

We learned to check our devices and code as often as possible because it could break any minute and we'd want to catch any errors or defects as soon as possible.

What's next for Sonic Flow

We hope to make this app compatible with iOS devices, but we will have to wait until Harman releases an iOS SDK for the new Everest headphones first!

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