Welcome to Sonic Adventure 3

A disaster relief device conglomeration


Coming in to the hackathon this year, our team had the vague idea of doing something fun through the interaction of hardware and software. The project we had in mind quickly became more defined when we saw Sandia National Labs' challenge for disaster relief. After much thought on effective ways to help in this kind of situation, we determined that being able to locate those in need is essential to the effort. As such, we came up with a set of devices that can work together to accomplish this task.

What it does

SA3's main focus is to locate those in need, via aerial and ground support. The parrot ar2 drone portion, or Tails, carries a bluetooth sniffing module, CO2 sensor, and thermal imaging camera to find people from above. Sonic, on the other hand, is a ground vehicle controlled over long range radio for finding those stuck in tight, far away places. Together they can cover a wide range of rough terrains.

How we built it

We built these devices as any good hacker does... cobbling together many different softwares and gluing it all together with a ton of microcontrollers. It involved a lot of firmware, but also a lot of higher level code for visualization and interaction.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many challenges during this project. From interaction between Java and Javascript, to unfortunate device breaking Bluetooth bugs, we had to deal with a lot. Due to this, we changed our course many times, but still brought everything together in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, we have a massive drone as part of our final project, so that is quite exciting. Likewise we are very proud of the sheer amount of things we were able to bring together for this project. We gained new firmware skills. We built a cute website and got to experience the fun of web programming through various methods. Also were proud to have stayed up for, more or less, the entire hackathon from start to finish. And of course, we're proud to be able to demonstrate something neat.

What's next for Sonic Adventure 3

Although the project may be slightly impractical for the real world, the experience and code built over this weekend will definitely be useful for us in our various future careers.

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