🎶 SongSmith | New remixes at your fingertips! 🎶

SongSmith is your one-stop-shop to create new remixes from your favourite songs! 🎼

State-of-the-art AI Machine Learning Neural Networks are used to generate remixes with similar styles🎨 to your best-loved songs🎶.

📚Discover! 👨‍🎤Inspire! 🎧Listen! SongSmith!

Inspiration 💭⚡

Ever listen to your favourite artists🧑‍🎤 and songs⏭️ and think "Damn, I wish there was similar music to this?" We have this exact feeling, which is why we've developed SongSmith for the Music loving people!🧑‍🤝‍🧑

How we built it 🏗️

  • SongSmith⚒️ was built using the latest and greatest technology!! 💻
  • Our music generative neural network was developed using a state-of-the-art architecture🏢 called Attention Mechanism Networks.

Tech Stack 🔨

  • AI Model: Tensorflow, Keras, Google Colab
  • BackEnd: Express.js, Flask to run our microservices, and inference servers.
  • FrontEnd: Developed using React.js, and Bootstrap; to allow for a quick MVP development cycle🔃.
  • Storage: MongoDB, Firebase, Firestore
  • Moral Support: Coffee☕, Bubble Tea🥤 , Pizza🍕 and Passion💜 for AI <3

Challenges we ran into 🧱🤔

  • Converting the output from the neural network to a playable format in the browser
  • Allowing for CORS interaction between the frontend and our microservices

What we learned🏫

  • Bleeding💉 Edge Generative Neural Network for Music🎙️Production
  • Different Python🐍 and Node.js Music Production Related Libraries📚

What's next for SongSmith ➡️

  • Offering wider genres of music to attract a wider range of music-loving users!🧑‍🎤
  • Refining our Neural Network to generate more high-quality REMIXES!

*See Github ReadMe for Video Link

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